Why Buy Canadian?

If Made in Canada is important to you, then you know that most Canadian made products cost more. For one, Canadian workers earn considerably more than our foreign counterparts, and because of it, our families enjoy a higher standard of living. Equally important, is the quality. What is in your foreign made water purifier or cartridge made from? What metals or plastics did they use? They won’t even tell us.

We have been tempted to purchase Chinese made housing, fittings and cartridges, as the cost is one tenth of the price. But as we put a 50 year warranty on most of our products, that would not be possible if any part was made there.

Stainless steel housings vary in price and is determined by the quality of the stainless steel. 18/10 stainless is the minimum standard to qualify as stainless steel (18 parts chromium, 10 parts nickel total 28 parts out of 100). “What then, are the other 72 parts “filler metals” in foreign made filter housings?

Our housings are made of solid 304 surgical stainless steel or NSF certified food grade polypropylene.

Built to last a lifetime.

We believe that your family deserves the best, without compromise, and at Canadian Water Filter we make the World’s Finest Purifiers of the highest possible quality made in Canada, saving jobs and the Canadian Way of Life.


We are so confident that this is the highest quality water purifier on this planet that if you should find one better quality we will ship this unit to you for free. Click HERE for more details.

From all the different methods of treating water click HERE to read about your options and why we use the 6 stage washable ceramics