There are areas where the normal purifier may not be sufficient due to abnormal high concentrations of a contaminant such as arsenic, lead, nitrates, fluoride etc.

For this reason we have specialty filters with dedicated cartridges for this problem.

First you will need a dual housing water filter.

stainless steel water filter

You can address the problem in the kitchen just for drinking and cooking, but if you want all the water treated in the house, a whole house specialty filter will be needed.

Click HERE to see some examples.

We can also custom make a filter for you if your water has more than one contaminant that you want addressed.

At CWF we pride ourselves and resolving your water issues up front for as little money as possible.

Many water companies who are more concerned with profits rather than solutions, will sell a system, then later you find out that you need to buy another system as well.

We will analyze your water closely and find a long lasting solution for the least amount of investment to you.

You will never regret buying a Canadian made product from a Canadian company.