Home Water Purifiers Give You Pure Clear Water For Pure Clear Skin!

water purifiers to clear acne

Yes that right! Home water purifiers give you clean pure drinking water, and acne can be greatly improved or even cured by drinking 8-10 glasses filtered water each day! Most teens get pimples. It is part of being a teenager. Hormones raging and the changing of a child body into an adult takes its toll on the skin, but a few simple lifestyle changes, like installing a water filter in your home and drinking more water, can make a huge difference to a teenage complexion.

Our bodies are always producing wastes, and these wastes need to be flushed out of the body. Your kidneys remove waste products that must be dissolved by filtered water. By drinking 8-10 glasses of pure water each day you will be helping your kidneys to flush out toxins that would otherwise escape through the pores of your skin….Thus preventing acne outbreaks.

Take a Load off your Kidneys

In order for your kidneys to be functioning at their optimum level, you need to be continually supplying them with sufficient water. If you don’t drink enough filtered water, your liver will have to lend the kidneys a helping hand. This means that your liver will have to do its own job as well as that of the kidneys. The liver’s primary function is to convert stored fat into usable energy for your body and because it is overloaded, it won’t be efficient in breaking down and clearing excess hormones from your body, which can lead to worsening acne.

Drinking lots of filtered water will also re-hydrate your thirsty skin, helping it to maintain proper muscle tone, leaving your complexion healthy and clear.

A Drinking water filtration system  is a must in your home! We need to be sure that we aren’t filling our blood streams with harmful contaminants often found in US tap water . And don’t think that bottled water is the answer. Bottled water is very expensive and is often no better than tap water. So to be sure that you are doing your skin a flavor, by drinking the purest water, install a water filter . You will find that is it a lot easier to drink more water if you enjoy the taste. And by increasing your water intake you will be benefiting not only your skin, but your overall health and well-being.