Close both shut off valves. If you have a by-pass, open the valve in case the dishwasher or
washing machine is on.

Push in one the red pressure release buttons on the top while holding a bucket under to
catch the water spraying out.

When you see the pressure drop to zero you can now open the housing. If still tight push the red pressure release button again.

If the housing was put on too tight this may take some muscle. With the wrench turn the
housing clock wise to open. Keep the bucket under the housing to catch the water once it is
ready to come off.

When the housing is almost off, water will start to drip down. It is now important to put a
hand on the bottom of the housing to stop it from falling.

Place the housing into the bucket and remove the cartridge.

Drain the housing of the old water and wipe the inside with a paper towel.
Lubricate the O-ring and threading with silicone lubrication.

Put in the 5 micron pre-filter and tighten by hand. Once it’s tight, give a one half turn with

Do the same for the second housing for the carbon block.

Open a cold water faucet that is closest to the system, like the sink in the laundry room.
Close the by-pass valve and open the shut-off valves slowly.

Let the water run to waist for at least 5 minutes. If you don’t like wasting water you can use
it for plants.

NOTE: If you have the triple CWF BB system for fluoride you must put the fluoride
cartridge in the middle housing with the third housing for the carbon block empty. Flush
the fluoride cartridge for at least 5 minutes. Then open the carbon block housing to insert
the carbon block cartridge. Then flush that cartridge as well for 5 minutes.